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Council Functions

Council Functions :
• develop appropriate plans to oversee the process of collection and transfer wastes keep the cleanliness of the environment .
• the establishment of transfer stations and the healthy dumpsite for solid waste, and the provision of maintenance and facilities necessary to control the operations of the relay stations and healthy dumpsite.
• operation and maintenance of refuse collection vehicles of the Council, as well as vehicles that serve the Council.
• supply and maintenance of containers for the local authorities members.
• training of qualified human crew to undertake the process of waste collection, transfer and disposal.
• to maintain public awareness of clean environment and hygiene campaigns.
• provide advice and guidance to members of local bodies and all employees with regard to the process of solid waste management, both in the legal, technical or public health or environmental and social matters.
• representation of members of local bodies to the official bodies in all matters concerning solid waste.
• develop plans and apply all means to reduce environmental pollution caused by solid waste.
• the introduction of a local placement of the neighboring provinces as members of the Council in exceptional cases