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Plastic Recycling Project

TITLE : Support to Higher Joint Service Council Through the Strengthening of Management Capacity and Develop of Plastic Recycling System.


Improving the hygienic-environmental conditions in South West Bank, through strengthening of (JSC-H&B) services.




Specific Objective 1: Strengthening JSC-H&B management capacity on municipal solid waste collection through a detailed analysis of possible models for collection and sorting which can be introduced in the governorate of Hebron, respecting the worker rights according to the local and international law.

Specific Objective 2: Starting and managing the collection and recycling of the plastic through the provision of equipment and adequate training to JSC-H&B:

Specific Objective 3: To make the Hebron governorate population aware about the Awareness campaign to Hebron population on environmental degradation and human health consequences caused by Solid Waste improper disposal and to introduce concept and benefit of recycling and reuse of plastic.


Estimated Results:

R.1 The JSC-H&B has identified a suitable model of managing SWM in Hebron Governorate and a plastic materials recycle system, being also sensitive regarding the related child labor problems. 

R.2 JSC-H&B has developed a high quality plastic recycling chain in the

Hebron Governatorate

R.3 The target population is reached by the awareness campaign focused on environmental risks for human health posed by uncontrolled disposal of waste.


  1. Capacity building on solid waste management and plastic recycling.
  2. Capacity building on child protection
  3. Purchasing of equipment for recycling plastic materials
  4. Awareness campaign.