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Workshops in Schools of Hebron About sorting waste at source

since December 2012 Until now, the Joint Service council for Solid Waste Management in Hebron and Bethlehem Governorates and the OVERSEAS –Italian Organization has implementation of a public awareness campaign , where a team from the Council to give lectures to seven schools of the Directorate of Education in Hebron ,these Lectures about solid waste management sorting and recycling in the Hebron Governorate focusing on the issues of waste sorting and recycling in order to increase their awareness of the importance of sorting their waste at home and before being collected.


The Joint Service council for Solid Waste Management in Hebron and Bethlehem Governorates, in cooperation with Palestinian wastewater engineers group (PWEG) , through "support to Higher Joint Service Council through the strengthening of Management Capacity and Develop of Plastic Recycle System" has been funded by the Italian Government – Italian General Consulate in Jerusalem - through the Palestinian Municipalities Support Program ( PMSP) and co- funded by (the Municipality of Modena Which will act as the leading Italian partner of a consortium composed by Emilia Romangna Region Municipality of Vignola (mo) Municipality of Spilamberto (Mo) and Municipality of Nonantola (Mo) Hera group and Overseas.

these workshops was Contributed to educate students about the sorting waste of resources, and to solid waste recycling, and proper treatment of waste, also maintaining a clean environment in general, and have also been sensitized about the solid waste management in southern west bank and the establishment of landfill, and closing the random Wild dumpsite in Hebron and Bethlehem, through the workshops has been discuss a range of activities Will be implemented in cooperation with the schools during the current period.