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Solid Waste Management is Getting Improvement More and More …

The Joint Service Council for Solid Waste Management for Hebron and Bethlehem (JSC-H&B), and within the frameworks southern West Bank solid waste management project, has build solid waste transfer station at the industrial zone of the Hebron city. The station is designed to serve the southern part of the Hebron city in addition to all the communities that are located south Hebron, which included Yatta and Dura districts, Al-Samou’, Bani Na’im and Taffouh. The main purpose of the transfer station is to improve waste management through the reduction of expenditure on waste and reduce environmental pollution.


Initially, the open container system was used for waste transfer to Yatta dumpsite, where the refuse collection vehicles drive on two levels ramp and unload the waste into the open container. The capacity of each container is 11 metric ton. The waste was transferred using roll on-roll off truck where two containers were transferred per each trip. The cost of waste transfer using this system was NIS 7.5/ton.


However, another efficient system was introduced in order to optimize the cost of waste transfer. The new system included waste compaction unit to fill the waste inside closed containers. By using this system, we succeeded to increase the capacity of each container into 18.5 metric ton as well as reducing the transfer cost to NIS 4.5/ton (40% reduction).


Waste transfer

In addition, the environmental pollution due to the movement of refuse-collection vehicles and trucks including gas emissions, traffic accidents and noise is significantly reduced. Before the operation of the transfer station, 28 trips per daily were being made by refuse-collection vehicle to Yatta dumpsite. However, after the facility operation began, we succeeded to reduce these trips to 8 by using the open container system, and then to 5 trips only when we shifted to the closed container and compaction unit system.